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  • Moles and raised lesions
  • Skin tags
  • Warts
  • Verrucca
  • Sun damaged skin

Many people suffer from unwanted moles, warts, cysts and veins. These can be debilitating to your confidence, particularly when they are on the face. Wells Medical Centre offer a safe, easy and effective high frequency treatment which rapidly diminishes the unwanted lesion or blemish from your skin.

Our Radiowave treatment works by using ultra high frequency energy waves to make tiny, almost invisible incisions in the skin. This means a virtually bloodless procedure, with very little bruising or swelling. The recovery time is minimal and the results are immediate and lasting. The benefits of using Radiowave, rather than a surgeon's scalpel, is that the process is far less invasive, meaning that the skin and its surrounding tissue has less to recover from.

Best of all, most lesions will only need one Radiowave treatment. Radiowave is suitable for the following skin problems:

- Moles and raised lesions
- Warts
- Small, red facial veins
- Sun damaged skin
- Age spots
- Skin surface irregularities

For any other concerns or queries you may have about our skin lesion removal,, please visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

Cryosurgery or Radiotherapy

Radiofrequency for the removal of all skin blemishes (the removal of small blemishes on the skin by the application of heat using an electric current):




£125 for One
£155 for Two
£195 for Three
£255 for Five


£95 to £155

Skin tags

£95 to £155


£95 per area
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