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Wells Medical Centre in its current form opened in 1992, the brain child of a number of pre-eminent practitioners in the field of cosmetic dermatology and surgery. The Clinic was created in response to a growing demand for treatments in a private practice that specially caters for cosmetic surgery. Now in over a decade of being in business, we offer a comprehensive list of innovative skin treatments to have you looking and feeling your best.

We review our existing technology, tools and know-how regularly, ensuring that we can offer you the most up to the minute treatments with the utmost confidence. However, we don't believe in technology for technology's sake: we also maintain our tried and tested techniques of choice and incorporate these seamlessly into our offering.

All consultations regarding medical problems are performed by medical practionioners. Treatment is only provided after a consultation that explores your reasons for selecting the treatment and your desires for results that you feel will improve your health. Previous medical history, lifestyle and other factors influencing your health will be discussed, as will the options for treatment. Where necessary we will ask our therapists to perform the treatment, since they have received the full training and certification.

We provide treatments in the understanding that they are for medical reasons. Your safety, health and outcome of the treatment are our priority. We will perform treatments that we believe to be in your best interest and for medical reasons only. If we feel that the treatment is not justified then we will inform you.

In the main section of the website we discuss how life events can have a deleterious effect on our appearance, our self-esteem and therefore our health. Body issues, weight, physique, skin disorders and facial appearance can have a negative effect on our inner workings and this, in time, can destroy our enjoyment of a healthy life and create disease. A lot of our medicine is preventative.

Your particular reason for having a treatment will be discussed at the consultation. We have a wide range of treatments, services and therapies, all administered in a clinical setting that can help relieve or treat a wide range of medical concerns. Some of these treatments may be long-term and ongoing. There are other medical reasons that people seek advice from healthcare practitioners.

When you attend our clinic we will ask you to confirm that your consultation and treatment is for the relief of a primarily medical concern, reason or condition. We need to maintain a record of this to demonstrate that we only provide treatments where it is felt it is in the patients' best interests and that by prescribing them there is a medical need for such treatment as determined between the patient and the medical practitioner.

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